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Adult Learners Scholarship | CWI adult learners scholarship

Those who decide to go back to school typically do not think of applying for scholarships. Adult scholarships are more difficult to attain in contrast to students .

About The Scholarships. UNLOCKING POTENTIAL, REALISING AMBITIONS. Uversity's Scholarships are intended to unlock adult learners' potential.

Scholarships. Who is eligible to apply for an ALI Scholarship? Adults who are U.S. citizens, 18 and over and living in one of the 12 Indiana counties ALI serves, .

Pursuing higher education as an adult – whether for the first time or not – is stressful and full of challenges. The Adult Learner Scholarship is intended to help .

Adult Learner Scholarship applications open from October 1 – November 20, What are the eligibilty requirements for the Adult Learner Scholarship?.