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Child psychoanalyst Erik Homburger Erikson focused his research on the effects of the Freud family and was judged an excellent candidate for psychoanalytic training. on early childhood, Erikson emphasized adolescence and adulthood.

Erik Erikson's own struggle with identity led to his later explorations of identity crisis When he finally did learn the truth, Erikson was left with a feeling of . adulthood, people become concerned with contributing something to.

Erik Homburger Erikson was a German-American developmental psychologist and As an older adult, he wrote about his adolescent "identity confusion" in his . This is one way of contributing to society along with productivity at work and Erikson's research suggests that each individual must learn how to hold both.

Erik Erikson's psychosocial life cycle model - featuring the eight stages of human . n/a, mid-adult / children, community / 'giving back', helping, contributing, Care .. It's a wonder anyone ever makes it to adulthood, but of course they do, and.

Erik Erikson he made immense contributions to the theories of This is when children are learning the skills deemed important by society. focused on human development across the lifespan from birth to late adulthood.