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An adult reboot of The Flintstones is in the works flintstones adult comic

Hooray for Hollyrock! An adult-orientated, animated reboot of The Flintstones is on the way, according to Variety. A small item in "The Daily.

The Flintstones is an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera. The series takes .. For a list of DVDs, video games, comic books, and VHS releases, see List of The Flintstones media. It was announced that a new Flintstones reboot series, directed to an adult audience, is in development by Elizabeth Banks.

of all time. As part of DC Comics' re-imagination of cartoons like SCOOBY-DOO . “DC's new FLINTSTONES comic is brilliant social satire—yes, really.” —The Daily Dot . I bought this for my adult son and he said it was very well written.

The Flintstones was, from its start in the '60s, a rarity: a prime-time animated series aimed at adults as much as children, The Honeymooners.

These are the things only adults notice in The Flintstones. In this comic version of Romeo and Juliet (a Shakespeare reference — there's one more thing kids.