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known as the "Zoning Ordinance of the City of Orem,. Utah." (Ord. No. .. a structure where adult day care is provided for more than six (6).

In , the Utah State Legislature mandated that each city and each county " shall prepare and adopt a comprehensive general plan" to deal with the growth.

AN ORDINANCE REPLACING TITLE 17 “Zoning” IN THE UINTAH COUNTY CODE; The Board of County Commissioners of Uintah County, Utah "Adult arcade" means any place to which the public is permitted or invited.

Purpose of ZoningZoning is a tool of Planning. It oversees the division of land according to different uses in order to avoid nuisances and to promote healthy and.

(2) Adult Daycare Facility: An adult daycare facility means any building or structure . (28) Commission: The City Planning Commission of Cedar City, Utah .