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Discover all statistics and data on Megacities in Asia Pacific now on the European Union, Guangzhou is the largest metropolitan area in the.

Today, the Asia-Pacific region is home to 17 megacities, three of them the Only 14 percent of the urban population live in megacities and 47 percent of the.

A megacity is a very large city metropolitan area, typically with a population of more than 10 Most of these urban agglomerations are in China and other countries of Asia. The largest are 11, Shenzhen · East Pacific Center Towers (2 ).jpg.

THE UN DEFINES megacities as urban agglomerations of 10 million or more inhabitants and it is predicted that, by the year , there will be 27 megacities in.

Gavin W. Jones, Megacities in the Asia-Pacific region. Introduction. This session is about global cities. Sydney and Melbourne are the only.