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16 Women Discuss Their Relationships to Body Hair body hairy woman

“Women with PCOS usually have excessive growth of facial or body hair because the condition produces excessive amounts of androgens,”.

That California Girl, I assumed, had a totally hairless body. the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and, according to the poster, she had “hairy legs under legwarmers.

"I have decided to finally allow myself to be hairy, a road less travelled for women , somewhat out of the ordinary. And I want to know why I'm so reluctant to be in.

These women have beards and excess body hair, like men, on their hands, legs, nostrils and other parts of their bodies. This makes them uncomfortable, forcing.

Being a hairy woman comes with its annoyances, but hey – at least there are lots of us, right? Here are the things our smoother, less hirsute.