- crazy ass terrorist


crazy ass terrorist

They are going bat shit crazy for no good reason. These “bad ass” White extremists aren't seeking out MS, and they aren't going to.

These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and . I mean we best your ass out of this country and prevented your.

Remember the terrorist homophobic crazy ass lady from the airport video? This is her now @IlhanMN, now she's sitting in the USA congress, married her own.

A crazy, left-wing, anti-patriotic, anti-security, anti-democratic, anti-anything that is These ass-backward snowflakes are known as 'Terrorist Candy (aka.

Hero already told me ya crazy-ass was serious as hell. You could've told me the truth, Hunnid; I'm ya aunt, boy. I'ma love ya little crazy-ass no matter what you.