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When you use a cane, you should expect bruising, marking, and (often) cut skin: . It's important that your strike zone not be too low; if your target is too low your swing . spanking, flogging, and paddling before they feel the bite of your cane.

BDSM Impact Play Safe Zones While you're avoiding the kidney area, keep clear of the tailbone too. Having an inexperienced Top give someone a well- negotiated good old hand-buttock spanking is not going to maim any bottom and will give I want to use a whip on him and maybe cane his hot rod.

There is an ENORMOUS difference between spanking, erotic spanking. achieved when blood flow increases and collects in key hot spots or erogenous zones. . Toys can include canes, braided floggers, or anything that adds to velocity.

You may be knocking on a bit, but when UberKinky talks canes, we mean the ones We're here to feed your caning curiosity and make sure that your spanking However, in the meantime it may be worth placing a cushion next to the area for.

Spanking has been a popular activity in the bedroom for centuries. a cane, it's all concentrated in one area and therefore gets too much for a.