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Krazy Truth #61 Swinging: Its Not Just For A Midlife Crisis Anymore. Krazy Truth podcast swinging + midlife

In part one of our brilliant new series, sexpert and author Kate Taylor reveals all the answers. From low libido and stress to poor body confidence and simply feeling stuck in a rut, midlife sex problems are very common – but also very difficult to talk about. Not only will it.

tow How to be the creepy swinging midlife crisis guy and get laughed at when you try to hit on young chicks. from Reddit tagged as Creepy Meme.

Krazy and honest answers to our listeners questions with a personal story or 2 thrown in.

Faced with the challenges of middle age, many people crash and burn. But near the top of the hill, the road swings out from the shadows.

Diary of a chimp's midlife crisis It's weird – one day I'm swinging around, showing off like a young chimp, the next day I can't even be.