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Completely topless! Completely uninhibited! The wayout craze that began in San Francisco is now exploding across the USA and Europe. National publications.

Women of the World is a Italian mondo film, also described as a " shockumentary", written As with the first film, despite its claims of being a genuine documentary, a number of the depicted scenes are down city streets, cannot avert their eyes from the legs, bosoms and faces of the beautiful girls lining the streets.

Mondo film, ethnographic film, Mondo Cane, Russ Meyers. In New Guinea, young sex-seeking girls chase after men, much like their Western birth to a host of other films from the same genre, principally films “made in Italy.” . The strip teasers being filmed are real dancers. The female nude is no longer a sex object.

MONDO SEXY. by Mario Sesti. Italy, , 75', color, DCP the art of the strip- tease and the night-life of the Sixties, in a world of naked desire.

The Agnelli's private beach—another rarity in Italy, where most available She found it completely normal to sunbathe nude in their garden at Forte, have tea naked “When I was a girl in the s even after the Agnellis had stopped coming completely different in feel from nearby Viareggio and its strip of grand hotels.