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Woman who made a fetish website fortune from litre breast implants asks Botched docs to close the massive GAP between them – but won't.

A FETISH model’s career was almost destroyed by a toxic boob job. Elizabeth Cathey relied on her curves to gain work and was devastated to find that her faulty PIP implants would have to be removed. Elizabeth, 26, who has modelled for several magazines, was very insecure about her.

Relationships, ethics, and a breast implant fetish Hi r/sex, forgive the throwaway , I hope you can help with a question While not a fetish in the traditional.

Elizabeth Cathey's fetish modelling career was almost destroyed after After her breast implant surgery Miss Cathey became a confident and.

Jenner shares another thing with Carey--a fetish for breast implants. Another detail that begs silicone implants is the way her bikini bottom.