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Boy with Down's syndrome left naked in the rain and 'crying like a baby' | Metro News out cold naked

The dead cry out, naked and cold. Disconnected from the earth. We all die. We all die alone. Betrayed and broken. Universally flawed. Hopelessly sinking.

“Put the strongest man or woman out in the cold for a few moments, to move to the tall and equally naked trees that loomed up around us.

Video shows apparently incapacitated, half-naked woman put out in cold by . Baltimore hospital apologizes for putting out patient in the cold.

This year a number of buses were delayed and so we waited an hour, naked, on the beach. The sun was mostly out and we were mostly warm.

Levi Blackshaw, 11, was found naked and curled up in a ball outside. Levi Blackshaw who was allegedly left out in the cold by teaching staff.