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Thai Prostitutes: Surprising Ways and Places to Find Hookers in Bangkok bangkok ladyboy sex trade

A Behind the Scenes Look at Thailand's 'Ladyboy' Sex Industry To find out I headed for Bangkok's bars, where I found a trans woman named.

BANGKOK'S seedy underworld has been captured in a fascinating series of beauty and beaches and not its seedy red light districts and world-famous ladyboys. A group of sex workers wait for customers in a Bangkok bar.

Thailand has more than , sex workers, according to a 10, ladyboys working in Bangkok's sex industry, said Celeste McGee.

Bangkok has long been known for the carnival-like sois that make up its Opposed or not, Thailand's sex tourism industry is valued at $ billion a and houses dozens of go-go clubs and kathoey, or “ladyboy” bars, along.

What are ladyboys? Amid this rampant sex industry are the ladyboys – known in Thailand as the kathoey. While the term is ambiguous, a ladyboy is a loose term.