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Drunk Driving in Dallas; A City Built to Be Driven; DUI Statistics in Texas; DUI explains that trying to iron out the statistics that measure drinking and driving on.

Statistics measuring drinking and driving can be tricky. If you're looking for the city where drunken driving is most prevalent, you can't just count arrests. One city.

Jul 9, Drunk driving accidents resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries nationwide during Let's look at some of the specific drunk driving statistics from last year. Houston (72); Dallas (70); San Antonio (49); Austin (22); Fort Worth (19) indicated that drinking and driving is very or extremely dangerous.

Aug 20, Find out Texas' latest drunk driving statistics. San Antonio, Dallas and Austin) incur the highest number of DWI crashes and deaths Bartender charged for over serving drunk driver who killed teen heading home from prom.

Cumulative Crash Statistics - Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts. Statewide Total and DUI (Alcohol) Fatal and Injury Crashes Comparison.